How to Cut Costs When Throwing a Kids Birthday Party!

Throwing a birthday party for your kids can become pretty expensive, even when only considering the basics. However, there are many great ways to cut the cost down while still keeping your kids happy!

What Time is the Party?
One of the main factors of cost is food. Depending on the time of day, you could wind up including plans for a lunch or a dinner. A simple idea would be to host your party around 2 P.M., just after lunch. This will allow you to easily get away with a Birthday Cake and some festive drinks.

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How Big is the Guest List?
Having too many guests can easily run up your bill. A great rule of thumb for when creating a guest list is the age rule. You can have your child invite a guest for every year old he or she is. An example would be if your child is 6 years old, they can invite up to 6 guests.

Another idea would be to have the party kids only. A guest list of 10 kids can easily more than double when parents or relatives are involved. You can have on the invitation noting that the party is for drop-offs only. This will save you from having to provide foods and drinks to lingering parents and siblings.

What’s in the goody bag?
Although goody bags seem harmless, made up of little trinkets and toys, the cost can easily build up when you start doing the math. Instead of filling up goodie bags with a collection of toys that will probably break in 10 seconds, it might be a better idea to stick with one quality gift. Maybe a brand new yo-yo or a box of sidewalk chalk. Another great idea is to have the goody bags act as a kit for the party activities!

Host a Kids Party at Screamin’ Parties!
cheap kids birthday partiesSometimes being a full time parent just won’t allow you the time to plan a party for your kids. If that’s the case, host a kids party at Screamin’ Parties! Screamin’ Parties has a great party package that includes pizza, cake, and more importantly, a fun and exciting bounce facility for your kids to play in! If you have any questions or want to book a party, contact us today!

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